Art has the power to shape experiences. Engagement with a work of art allows people to perceive and connect with the world of everyday experience through an aesthetic medium. The Art Trainer ™ will help you explore the communicative power of art as a portal to enhance creativity, drive innovation, foster an equitable atmosphere of professional sensitivity, and create a culture of shared values. Through a dynamic process of inquiry and reflection, The Art Trainer ™ will assist you and your employees to unlock new modes of thought and transform your company.



Hilda Werschkul

The Art Trainer ™ teaches organizations how to enhance organizational performance through interactions with works of art. Guided experiences using works of art allows for professional and personal growth, and enables individuals at all levels within a company to perceive to rethink their roles and responsibilities through the aesthetic dimension.

Hilda Werschkul founded The Art Trainer ™in 2016 ten years into her teaching career. Today, she is a full time faculty member at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She earned her PhD in art history from Columbia University and is a published author. Her book, Experiences of Art: Reflections on Masterpieces, was published in 2017 by ORO Edition. She loves traveling in Europe and has lived abroad in Italy (Sicily), Switzerland, and Austria and speaks Swiss German and German fluently.


Experiences of Art: Reflections on Masterpieces
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Go beyond the conventional interpretations of famous masterpieces in the history of Western art since prehistory through the unique and personal experiential insights of Hilda and her students.

The book was pivotal in her career as a professor and serves as the foundation for The Art Trainer.




 Johannes Vermeer,  Woman Holding a Balance , c. 1664

Johannes Vermeer, Woman Holding a Balance, c. 1664

The Art Trainer ™ provides business consulting and training services. Our teaching interventions help people shape their external reality through the experience of art as a window into everyday experience. 

Some of our standard workshops include:

 Creativity on the Edge

 Leadership

 Emotional Intelligence

 Engagement

 Feminine Sexuality and Professionalism

The Art Trainer ™ also specializes on training initiatives designed specifically for upper levels of management on the topic of Perceptual Intelligence.  Learn the key ingredients to greater self-awareness of your own perceptual intelligence for effective leadership, teamwork facilitation, analytical and critical problem solving and the creation of an enriching environment of artful work for everyone. 


 Lewis Hine,  Empire State Building , 1931

Lewis Hine, Empire State Building, 1931

Consulting and Coaching

As a consultant and coach, Hilda works with individuals one-on-one using the soul enhancing power of works of art to reflect upon challenges and change behaviors for an improved life.

Hilda's practice in coaching derives from her own skills in Perceptual Intelligence, established and refined over years of experience as a professor, from which she has acquired greater self-awareness and sensitivity into the minds of others and the world around her.  

 Volteranno,  Truth Illuminating Human Blindness , c. 1650

Volteranno, Truth Illuminating Human Blindness, c. 1650

Meeting Sketchers

Let talented illustration majors from the School of Visual Arts spark your conversations at meetings with the visual aid of sketches. Their imaginative interpretation of your dialogues will help unleash creative ideas and circumvent communication barriers.